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We install conventional IRS SYSTEMS, DSCR IRS SYSTEMS and SKYQ ready IRS SYSTEMS.

We can integrate DSCR with existing conventional IRS Systems.

The launch of SkyQ has created the need to enhance existing IRS systems with the new dSCR multiswitches. We can install new dSCR multiswitches in a quick, stress-free way by eliminating the challenge to redesign and re-commission existing IRS Systems.

Communal IRS Systems.

An integrated reception system, or communal IRS system, is a way of providing digital TV to different areas of a communal building, for example a block of flats or an office building.

IRS systems offer full digital compliance, ready for the digital TV switchover, with viewers given the choice of full digital TV services such as Sky TV, Freesat and Freeview.

For multiple occupancy buildings, our engineers will install a single satellite aerial and as many TV points for each room or area

Getting the IRS installation correct in the commercial environment is crucial. It needs to be reliable, easy to use and cost effective.

With many years of experience installing IRS systems into bars, restaurants, retail outlets, offices and hotels to name just a few, we know what it takes to make the IRS installation in your business deliver to your requirements.

IRS System Installation

Our communal IRS (integrated reception systems) are a cost effective and very convenient way of letting everybody who resides in a building have access to the TV programming of their choice.

The IRS systems are seamlessly built into the property with no mess and no stack of cabling causing an unsightly mess. They are stylish, unobtrusive and do not have a detrimental effect on the exterior appearance of the property.

As well as TV programming, the communal IRS systems will also allow residents to listen to radio because they come fully fitted with FM and DAB digital aerials.

Having the right type of IRS installation tailored to the specific needs of your business will give you the flexibility you need at a price you can afford.

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